My Story

I am often asked how I got into coaching. Here's the story:

I grew up in Long Beach, California where the relaxed environment seemed to focus on enjoying life and creating a lifestyle of abundance. I felt there was something lacking in this purely pleasure-seeking world. I learned the value of taking time to enjoy life, yet I knew many people who seemed to have everything they could need and want, but just didn’t seem happy.

When I was five years old, my family was exposed to Chabad. In that world I found meaning, joy, passion, spirituality, and I know at that young age that I wanted to have a combination of. I was drawn to the spiritual. My parents say that I was the light that drew the family to pursue an authentic Torah-oriented Jewish lifestyle. As I grew I realized that there is value in both spiritual and material life. It’s so important to find a way to combine and not focus only on one.

 Then I met my amazing husband. We were very young and idealistic and wanted to help other people. With a blessing from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, we went on shlichus to Raleigh, North Carolina. We really dedicated ourselves to teaching and outreach.

Somewhere along the way, I lost the message of having joy in life and combining that with one’s spiritual practice. In our 18th year in Raleigh I faced some burnout, and hired a life coach to help me. With the coach’s guidance, I experienced the power of coaching firsthand and revitalized my life and purpose. I worked things out and gained lots of clarity. I learned how to operate from a place of self-compassion, which brought so much vitality and new life into my home, family, life and work.

Pretty soon I saw the value in becoming a practitioner and coach to help others. As I got support I got training. For example, I did a four-year coach training and got certified in many different areas. I also enjoy participating in and leading retreats.

What I teach, I live. I love coaching coaches. 

Relationship Coaching

So how did Pinney and I get into relationship coaching?

In 1999, we decided to take our relationship to the next level by enrolling in the dynamic program IMAGO. The incredible gift we learned is how to navigate conflict.

Imago tools helped us utilize every conflict that arose as an opportunity to grow closer. We practiced focusing and learning how to listen to each other in new ways. As a result, the walls came down!

After enjoying these real and profound benefits, we became certified IMAGO Educators ourselves in 2010. Since then we've shared these powerful methods with many other couples who want to deepen their connection and strengthen their marriages.

Over the years, I've grown even more passionate about sharing how to transform marital disagreement from something that can hurt, to something that can heal!

Currently, I offer private couples coaching sessions in person or via Skype. Let me help you move to a place of more connection, joy and compassion.

Joy. Compassion. Connection.

Here are my current offerings for couples:

1:1 Coaching for Couples

I give personal 1:1 support to couples who want to work through relationship struggles or simply want to learn how to create more joy in their marriage/relationship.

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Work with a Seasoned Couple

This is a special package for couples who want to work with my husband and me on growing their relationship and/or address specific issues. There's something unique about working with a couple who's learned to navigate conflict in a nurturing way.

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