Coaching Services

Here are my current offerings and services: 

Individual Coaching

1:1 Coaching

I coach women and girls who want to invite more joy and connection in their lives, utilizing tools that promote self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-love. Together we find ways to destress and create ease that will lead to a sense of peace and fulfillment in body, mind, and spirit.

Somatic Tools

Healing | Destress

As a trained SRT specialist I offer highly personalized sessions that deal with stress and promote healing. Rather than setting goals, the intention is to meet people where they are, and to fully cater to their healing needs.

Shluchos Coaching

Support for Shluchos

I've been in your shoes! I lived in Raleigh, NC for 30 years supporting the Jewish community. Now I work with shluchos on navigating the joys and challenges involved with this special work, bringing a personal touch to support you in your incredible endeavors.

Couples Coaching

Relationship Tools

My husband and I support couples in deepening their communication. We help couples learn to navigate conflict and use it as a catalyst for deeper connections. We give practical tools that are easy to learn that can strengthen relationships.

Workshops & Talks

Speaking Engagements

I give workshops and talks on a variety of topics, including my incredible story of how I became Chabad, tools for stress and anxiety, relationships, parenting tips, and other relevant subjects.


Nature | Self-Care

I love to lead retreats that explore the beauty of nature and incorporate activities that promote self-care and self-expression such as yoga, vision boards, music, and more!

Private Session (women only)

with Helana
55 minutes $175      |    85 minutes $225

Mother/Daughter Session

with Helana
55 minutes $175       |    85 minutes $225

Family Session

with Helana
 60 minutes $175       |    90 minutes $250

Couple Sessions

It takes 90 days to make lasting changes. These sessions can be done twice a month.
with Helana
8 sessions (75 minutes) $1800
with Rabbi Pinney & Helana
8 sessions (75 minutes) $2500

Somatic Session

Learn how to self-regulate your emotions and gain hands-on tools to alleviate stress, anxiety, and trauma. 
with Helana (women only)
55 minutes $175   |    85 minutes $225
with Rabbi Pinney & Helana
60 minutes $275    |    75 minutes $325

“I think the most valuable part of working with Helana and Pinney is the safe space they create. We felt like we were in a totally non-judgemental environment”.