About Self-Regulation Training (SRT)

Self-Regulation Training (SRT), is an efficient, practical and naturalistic way of healing the effects of stress and trauma. Created by psychologist and trauma researcher Dr. Reggie Melrose, this simplified version of somatic experiencing helps “renegotiate” the body’s patterns of arousal and anxiety by carefully supporting our natural ability to release over-activation. By combining stress with our strengths, we create a more empowering experience, thus forging new neural pathways in the brain. Through SRT tools, clients will notice a greater repertoire of emotional and behavioral choices. They go from feeling stuck in rage, helplessness, and anxiety to a fluid experience of empowerment, peace, and resiliency. This in turn will allow them to strengthen and build resistance to future stress and trauma. (Dr. Reggie Melrose, 2018).

Through SRT, people learn to self regulate their emotions, discharge stress and trauma, and embody peacefulness into their nervous system. Children absorb our nervous system like a sponge. Not only will you have created new neural pathways in your brain, but you’ll have bequeathed your children the ability to self-regulate and be resilient to life’s inevitable stresses and traumas. What a gift you can give yourself and your children when you can regulate your emotions and learn tools to stay calm, slow down, and under-react.

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps the Score, a leading medical doctor, scientific researcher, and teacher at Harvard Medical Center, stated that the effects of stress and trauma rob people of their capacity to “be here.” He explains that the first goal of healing stress (or trauma) is to move through physical experience and gain mastery. Therapy work with stress and trauma needs to include helping people be present in their bodies and understand their bodily sensations (Dr. Reggie Melrose, 2018). Somatic work addresses stress, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma of any kind including surgeries, sexual abuse, molestation, accidents, bullying, marital challenges, and more. It is also helpful for those who feel violated and have no recollection of why. Somatic healing invigorates people on their own journey toward health and wholesomeness in a safe and gentle manner.